Baby Stuffed

We bought this baby martin diaper bag on Online Shopping via Multiply, shop named Brussel Sprouts. I love all their stuff, a lot of fascinating things especially for babies. There’s a lot of Online shopping that I adored too, such as Indigo, Agoo, Anjela Moira and many more. Actually before I have these bag, I really insisted Baboy (Aj ) to buy this but he always throw a naughty smile, Grrrrr…!! But at least I make him bought it ahihi, thank you baboy. mwah!

One of the baby dress and socks we bought at SM Department.
Of course a lot of pink hahaha. We didn’t buy so many dress for her coz it might be a bit of waste besides she will grow so fast, (that’s what mamu and mama too (Baboy’s mom) saids hehe.
So next time if our baby is already here, we will buy her more so at least we know her exact sizes.

Pink again.
Our baby cribs. Baboy (Aj ) bought it for our little princess.

We also buy the comforter and pillows for her crib, a cutie piglet designs.

Our Little angel will love it and I’m sure she’s gonna look like a princess.

Her Dadi(Aj ) is really excited to assemble the crib. Can’t wait to have you here baby.

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