The first Ultrasound. Our baby is only 2 months old in this picture. Baboy (Aj ) and I wanted to sure if our baby’s there. Beside the last time I’ve checked up with my OB-gyne, we didn’t hear her heart rate but we’ve heard some faint. So we really decided to have an ultrasound to hear her fetal heart rate and just to make sure that our baby is fine.

Our first visit in face2face 3D-4D Scan Ultrasound at SM San Lazaro. This is the time that we wanted to know the gender of our baby.
She’s almost 5 months here. The OB says, a possibility that our baby is a girl. The very first time that I saw our baby moving and kinda eating. I am overwhelmed seeing our baby movements and what she’s doing inside my womb. This picture are only 3D but we’ve planned to go back again for 4D.

We went to face2face again for 4D Ultrasound. Baboy (Aj ) and I really planned to go back there just to get the golden package, it includes more scanned pictures, a CD with all save 4D pictures, and a DVD too.

The package are quite expensive but for me It is worthy to deal with it because we wanted to keep it as a memory of our first little angel.
And finally confirmed that our baby is a Girl. Now, we’re both thinking for her soon name. She’s already 30 weeks and 3 days (7 months) in these picture.

But before we got her perfect scan of her face, The first visit we had are busted, because she is sleeping and hiding to my placenta, so the OB says maybe I need to walk or eat or drink some water, and so I did. But still she’s really hiding, her feet and hand keeps on covering her face. The OB re-scheduled me again so maybe we can have more clear scan pictures.

Then, after one day we’re back. But then again, our baby still busy sleeping and hiding again. So we decided to walked for a moment and back to their clinic. And at last, we are done. We gathered more clear pictures and videos that she had movements like yawning or kinda eating and a lot of more.
We are so happy and blessed that God given her to us. So I thank him so much and I’ll promise I’ll do my very best for our baby. We love her so much. I can’t wait to see and touch her. I also wanted to hug and give her a kiss.

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