Hiyeeee everyone!

I am Jein (pronounce as Jane), girl behind the “Hush Potato” your sweetly wild enthusiast. Born in Philippines, where Manila is my  cherished hometown. I am currently living in the land of the rising sun, Japan, at beauteous Hiroshima Prefecture, where my family lives and work.


I majored in Bachelors of Science in Nursing, a non-yet-registered one. After marrying my hubby (who’s a rock and roller registered nurse & very supportive daddy) and while becoming a mother , I chase my passion in Arts such sketching, making extraordinary handmade crafts, Graphic designs & Make-up Artistry.

I guess I was born with a deep stain of having passion into Arts, that’s why I am still chasing a new pursuits of passion in artsy crafts, beauty & designs. I know It was totally miles in my career path, but I didn’t remorse any of it, for me, what important is I am enthusiastically & triumphantly happy doing the things that I really love to do.

I studied Advance Professional Make-up at Manila, with teacher Maru Ventura.  I fancy holding brushes and make-up palettes. Wearing sweet lipstick, a rush of blush on my cheeks + shaping my eyebrows are one of my everyday style. I also have experience working with some professional photographers before, Carwei Angeles & Lester Sy, who help me to boost my make-up portfolio, of course with the help of foxy model Karen Bordador, and her friends. But since I am currently living now at Japan, I suddenly stopped accepting make-up clients, but still pursuing it with beloved friends in here (sometimes it’s just for fun).

Hush Potato Donut Girl Commish

In making handmade and other crafts, It was a self-taught art. Playing my hands with polymer or air-dry clays, beads, paper invites, ribbon, sewing, wood crafts and basket bags are very luxuriating. I remember, I started selling my handmade bracelet beads since a sophomore high schooler and begun to blooms while becoming a mom of my first born baby.

Today, I am a full-time mother & wife, currently working with my everyday crafts, a busy-mommy, selling through online handmade market especially here in Japan. I am always pleased and openly accepting clients for making their extraordinary favors/souvenirs and wearable accessories; same with my graphic designing.

On Graphics designs; at first, It was not my enthusiasm. It was started when I use to blog at blogger, using multiply for selling handmade (before) and since I love simplicity and cute things to beautify my themes, I started customizing my own blog layout themes and logo. It thrives more when my friends at Clay guild notice my theme design and suddenly suggested to make them a custom theme and logo as well, so I passionately taught myself and still continuously learning to broaden my horizons, improve skills and widen my knowledge. Well, I usually used GIMP software.

So that’s it, my passion and inspiration story & I am always here to share my passion,                                                                         because I am always an artist at heart. ❤

                                                                    A TRUE ARTIST IS NOT ONE WHO IS INSPIRED, BUT ONE WHO INSPIRES OTHERS.                                                  -Salvador Dali


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    1. Oh Hello Hellen! 😊 Thank you for the lovely comment & for being a fan of my blog, It makes my heart rejoice with beatific smile and blessed. 😘 I’ll try my best effort to keep my blog posts active & share all my crafty ideas. Just keep on reading my blog! Thanks again! 😍

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